Videos for Computer Graphics Programming I Course

Based on the book "Getting Started with Processing" by Casey Reas and Ben Fry

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Chapter 1 - Getting Started with Processing

Downloading Processing and Hello, Ellipse!
The Processing Development Environment
Drawing Basic Shapes
Drawing arcs using radians and degrees
Drawing order and stroke attributes
Using color in your sketches
Custom Shapes
Chapter 1 Project - The P5 Robot

Chapter 2 - Variables

Variable demonstration
Declaring variables and assigning values
Modifying variable values - Arithmetic operators
Modifying variable values using repetition - Part 1
For loop technicalities
For loop examples - Part 1
Nested For loops
More nested for loop examples
Chapter 2 Project - Adding variables to P5

Chapter 3 - Response: Using the keyboard and mouse

Using the draw() and setup() functions
Mouse tracking and simple line drawing
Line thickness and easing
The map() Function
Responding to mouse clicks
Detecting mouse buttons
Determining the mouse location
Locating a circle
Locating a rectangle
Handling key presses
Detecting specific key presses
Moving left and right
The P5 Robot Moves

Chapter 4 - Media: Images, vector files, fonts, etc.

Installing and viewing an image
Viewing multiple images/Resizing images
Sizing images with the mouse
Working with gif and png files
Loading fonts and displaying text
Storing text as a string and drawing text in a box